Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated is assembled directly on top of George A. Romero's cult classic. As such, the crew reflects that of both film productions: Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated (2009).

Directed By George A. Romero (1968) Sound Engineer Marshall Booth (1968)
Gary Streiner (1968)
Written By George A. Romero (1968)
John A. Russo (1968) Other Crew Special Effects Tony Pantanello (1968)
Special Effects Regis Survinski (1968)
Curated By Mike Schneider (Reanimated) Lighting Joseph Unitas (1968)
Stunts Jacqueline Streiner (1968)
Produced By Karl Hardman (1968) Props Charles O'Dato (1968)
Russell Streiner (1968) Ass. Cameraman Bill Hinzman (1968)
Mike Schneider (Reanimated) Continuity Betty Haughey (1968)
  Script Coordinator Jacqueline Streiner (1968)
Cinematography George A. Romero (1968) Digital Camera Mike Schneider (Reanimated)
All of the Artists (Reanimated)   Trailers/ Credits Mike Schneider (Reanimated)
Film Editing by George A. Romero (1968) Website Text English Mike Schneider (Reanimated)
John A. Russo (1968)   French Matthieu Lefebvre (Reanimated)
Mike Schneider (Reanimated)   Portuguese Carla Rodrigues (Reanimated)
  German Manuela Bachler (Reanimated)
Makeup Hair Stylist Bruce Capristo (1968)   Romanian Nicolae Colcer (Reanimated)
Department Makeup FX Vincent Guastini (1968) Spanish April Guadiana (Reanimated)
Makeup Karl Hardman (1968) Finnish Katri Dahlström (Reanimated)
Russian Evrica Team (Reanimated)
Production Manager George Kosana (1968) ... Greek Con Chrisoulis (Reanimated)
Management Director Vincent Survinski (1968) ... Proof: English Peter Gutierrez (Reanimated)
.... Organizer Mike Schneider (Reanimated) .... Proof: Spanish Manuela Beltrán (Reanimated)
... Notices Mike Schneder (Reanimated) ...    
... Postings Sean Williams (Reanimated) DVD Producer Rob Hauschild (Reanimated)
            Peter Gutierrez (Reanimated)
Composer Electronic FX Karl Hardman (1968)   Music Jean Paul Roy III (Reanimated)
  Film Scores Ib Glindemann (Stock)   Intro Video Simon Aukeela (Reanimated)
  Philip Green (Stock)


  Geordie Hormel (Stock) Print Consultant Peter Gutierrez (Reanimated)
  William Loose (Stock)      
  Jack Meakin (Stock)      
  Spencer Moore (Stock)   Image Ten (1968)
  Add. Scores Jean Paul Roy III (Reanimated)   Neoflux Productions (Reanimated)
    Kevin MacLeod (Reanimated)      

Since the audio track remains completely unmodified through out the reanimation process, all voices are those of the original Night of the Living Dead's cast.

Protagonist   News/ Scientists   Those Things  
Duane Jones Ben Charles Craig Newscaster Bill Hinzman Cemetery Ghoul
    Bill Cardille Field Reporter Marilyn Eastman Bug-Eater
The Sibilings   Lee Hartman Reporter John Russo Tire Iron Ghoul
Judith O'Dea Barbara George Romero DC Reporter    
Russell Streiner Johnny John Russo DC Reporter Unnamed Ghouls  
    Frank Doak Scientist ..........Samuel Solito A.C. McDonald
The Coopers   Mark Ricci DC Scientist ..........Jack Givens Paula Richards
Karl Hardman Harry     ..........Rudy Ricci Sharon Carroll
Marilyn Eastman Helen The Hunters   ..........Dave James William Mogush
Kyra Schon Karen George Kosana Sheriff McClelland ..........Phillip Smith Richard Ricci
    Vincent Survinski Vince ..........Herbert Summer Joann Michaels
The Couple   Randy Burr Posse Member ..........Steve Hutsko John Simpson
Keith Wayne Tom Phillip Smith Posse Member ..........Randy Burr Ella Mae Smith
Judith Ridley Judy A.C. McDonald Posse Member ..........Ross Harris Will Burchinal
    Samuel Solito Posse Member ..........Al Croft Jason Richards
Beyond the cast and crew listed here, NOTLD:R showcases the work of numerous artists. A list of the artists participating in this project along with links to their respective websites and contact information is available under the Artists tab.